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Siem Reap, Cambodia

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The northern Cambodian community of Siem Reap is most famous as the main gateway to the country's legendary Angkor Archaeological Park. Angkor Wat, the best known of this archaeological park's Khmer Empire ruins, features prominently on Cambodia's flag and is admired by more tourists than any other landmark in this once war-torn Southeast Asian nation.

Even though many visitors can easily travel the five and a half kilometres between Siem Reap and Angkor Archaeological Park on their own, guided tours of the park are also readily available. Angkor Archaeological Park guided tour options include hiring cars or motorcycles with drivers, riding in air conditioned tour buses, taking taxis, or using traditional tuk tuks. Some parts of the park can even be reached by horse drawn carriages, helicopter tours, electric automobiles, hot air balloon flights, and even elephants.

Cycling is one of the most common ways for visitors to explore Angkor Archaeological Park's over 100 sacred stone temples on their own. In addition to sunrise cultural tours at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap visitors can also enjoy jungle tours, cooking tours, or tours to Tonle Sap Lake during their stay in this sacred corner of Cambodia. Cultural tours which include sunset watching at Tonle Sap Lake and its floating villages are particularly popular.

French colonial architecture and Khmer wooden houses still dominate Siem Reap's landscape despite its status as Cambodia's biggest boom town. The free Siem Reap Pocket Guide and Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide are available at most hotels and guesthouses. Another guide called Stay Another Day: Cambodia focuses on Siem Reap's most environmentally friendly attractions.

Shoppers should check for an AHA Official Seal of Authenticity or Heritage Friendly logo when searching for authentic handmade souvenirs at Siem Reap shops and markets. Heritage Friendly products provide artisans with steady incomes which enable them to keep their children in schools and support their families. US dollars, Thai baht, and Cambodian riel, in that order, are the preferred currencies at most Siem Reap shops.

A halal pizza restaurant which caters to Muslim visitors near Public Bank is merely one of many casual dining establishments which have popped up in Siem Reap in recent years. Most Siem Reap restaurants are situated north of the Old Market, along Wat Bo Road, or on Sok San Road. Street 8 is often called Pub Street because of the cheap beer served at several of the establishments on this street which some describe as a more laid back version of Bangkok's Khao San Road.

Angkor Archaeological Park is undoubtedly the most impressive historic landmark near Siem Reap, but the piles of mines displayed at the Landmine Museum are sad reminders of a much more recent and horrifying part of Cambodia's history. The Angkor National Museum uses video screens and other modern technology to accompany its Khmer Empire exhibits, while the McDermott Gallery features Angkor Wat photographs taken years before mass tourism became a part of daily Siem Reap life.

Photography buffs may also consider attending the Angkor Photography Festival, where the work of some of Asia's most talented photographers is on display throughout Siem Reap during November's final week. No other Siem Reap celebration, however, is as impressive as the annual Water Festival. Up to a million visitors from across Cambodia come to Siem Reap on October's final full moon day to enjoy three days of fireworks, brightly decorated river floats, and boat races.

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